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David is one of the Archimedes Presse team and half of Everett Coles.
The D I White series are his latest books, published by Barking Rain Press.

Damaged Goods and Damage Limitation are available now with a third volume currently in editing - going from UK English to US English is not something to be taken lightly!
The number and enthusiasm of reviews so far may well mean that what was envisaged as a trilogy could end up with more than just three books.

You might also be interested in Postponing Armageddon, the most extraordinary historic fantasy from our team-mate Adele Abbot which was a runner-up in the 2011 fantasy competition sponsored by Transworld Publishers and the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

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The Diamond Seekers
Postponing Armageddon
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David began writing fantasy and science fiction at fourteen. It took another ten years to be succesful. He also designs and builds websites for friends.

He has co-written for many years with Jack Everett, and together, as David Coles & Jack Everett and as Everett Coles, they have explored the local stars, killed off countless Roman legionaries, found out what happened to King Arthur and the Round Table, got the lowdown on how medieval lives were lived and hatched a few thriller plots as well as creating a new detective on the block - DI Stewart White.

He has attended workshops run by both of the UK writers, Terry Pratchett and David Gemmell (now, sadly, both lates); a process requiring late nights and copious alcohol. He was a founder member of the international Historical Novel Society where alcohol is optional.

He would like to be taller and possess more hair, he would like to be fitter and leaner, he would like to be richer but such things were not meant to be and by and large, he is content with the way things have worked out.
David lives with his wife and a pet laptop in God's own county - Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.